A reprot about Mina


Festival & Awards

Documentary – 54min’ – Iran – 2015

Festival Distributor:
Darvash Film Production
Email: marketing@darvashfilm.com
Tel: +98912304 9139

Japan Distributer:
Yamagata Documentary Film Festival (Central Office)

China & Hong Kong & Taiwan Distributer:
CNEX Channel

Director: Kaveh Mazaheri
Research: Kaveh Mazaheri, Forough Azizi
Cinematography: Kaveh Mazaheri
Editor: Pooyan Sholehvar
Script: Pooyan Sholehvar, Kaveh Mazaheri
Sound: Ahmad Afshari, Hassan Shabankareh
Still Photography: Maryam Majd
Producer: Kaveh Mazaheri

Mina is a drug addicted woman of the slums in Tehran. She is living in ruins surrounded by the junk and wearing men clothes. All her womanish dream is having a normal life. Because of this dream, she has decorated ruined walls with items collected in junk. She loves street dogs like her kids and homeless people around as members of her family, a family that has been together to use drug. Now she is the godmother of dogs and street people.
This film is a narration of thirteen days of Mina’s Life, a sad thirteen days of New Year holidays.

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